Marte og Jørgen

Marte and Jørgen got married in July, and I shot their official wedding pictures in August. The weather was horrible, so we ended up starting the shoot indoors, but later went outside when the rain went away. We got the best of both worlds and I really like how the shoot turned out. Take a look below!


A good while back I had a photoshoot with producer and DJ, CLMD. He has so many great tracks, and it was a pleasure to get to work with him. Some of his collaborations are with artists such as Astrid S, Alida, Frøder and Kid joki.  Martin was a really cool guy, and we had a fun shoot. He is now more current then ever as a judge on the norwegian version of  The-Voice, so I thought I should share some of the images from our shoot now.

- Mikkel

American Muscle

My most recent photoshoot in Project:Drive was with a 1966 Ford
Mustang Fastback. I don´t know much about american cars, but the mustang
is legendary, so I could not resist photographing it for the project.

I met the owner down by the old submarine bunkers here in Trondheim,
DORA. The weather was varied, with both rain and sunshine. Worked out
great for the photos, so I think we got some real good ones.

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